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  • Peptide and Protein Design for Biopharmaceutical Applications

    Peptides serve as effective drugs in the clinic today. However the inherent drawbacks of peptide structures can limit their efficacy as drugs. To overcome this researchers are developing new methods to create ‘tailor-made’ peptides and proteins with improved pharmacological properties.
    Design of Peptides and Proteins provides an overview of the experimental and computational methods for peptide and protein design, with an emphasis on specific applications for therapeutics and biomedical research. Topics covered include:
    • Computer modeling of peptides and proteins
    • Peptidomimetics
    • Design and synthesis of cyclic peptides
    • Carbohydrates in peptide and protein design
    • De novo design of peptides and proteins
    • Medical development applications
    • An extended case study – the design of insulin variants
    Design of Peptides and Proteins presents the state-of-the-art of this exciting approach for therapeutics, with contributions from international experts. It is an essential resource for academic and industrial scientists in the fields of peptide and protein drug design, biomedicine, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular modelling, synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal pharmaceuticalchemistry.
    Auteur :Nathalie Van Laethem Edition:Dunod Pages:514 Format:pdf Language:Frensh

    Download this ebook : Peptide and Protein Design
  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 12th edition

    1.     Basic principles
    2.     Autonomic drugs
    3.     Cardiovascular-renal drugs
    4.     Drugs with important actions on smooth muscles
    5.     Central nervous system drugs
    6.     Drugs used to treat anemias, clotting disorders, hyperlipidemia, and inflammation and gout
    7.     Endocrine drugs
    8.     Chemotherapeutic and immunologic drugs
    9.     Toxicology
    10. Special subjects (perinatal, geriatric, and dermatologic pharmacology)
    11.Botanical and "food supplements," and over-the-counter medications
    13. Also in this edition:
    14.Drug Summary Tables conclude most chapters, providing a concise summary of the most important drugs
    15.General concepts relating to newly discovered receptors, receptor mechanisms, and drug transporters
    16.Descriptions of important new drugs, including monoclonal antibodies
     Auteur : Bertram Katzung, Susan Masters, Anthony Trevor
     Edition :Mac Graw Hill Pages:1365 Format: pdf Language:English
    Download this ebook : Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

  • Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 11th edition

     This is the most widely used textbook for teaching pharmacology to health professionals. This 11th edition is far superior to any previous editions....The authors' goals are to provide a complete, authoritative, current, and readable textbook of pharmacology for students in health sciences. Testimony to their success is the widespread use of this work as required textbook for pharmacology courses around the world. This book is used extensively by thousands of medical, pharmacy, podiatry, nursing, and other health professions students to study pharmacology. Likewise, it remains a valuable resource for residents and practicing physicians.I continue to use this book as a required resource for all courses that I teach to medical, nursing, and allied health students. It is authoritative, readable, and supported by numerous learning tools.Organized to reflect the syllabi in Pharmacology courses, Basic & Clinical Pharmacology covers all the important concepts students need to know about the science of pharmacology and its application to clinical practice. It is acknowledged worldwide as the field’s most current, authoritative, and comprehensive textbook. To be as clinically relevant as possible, the book features a strong focus on the choice and use of drugs in patients and the monitoring of their effects.

    Auteur : Bertram Katzung, Susan Masters, Anthony Trevor

     Edition :Mac Graw Hill Pages:1365 Format: pdf Language:English

    Download this ebook : Basic and Clinical Pharmacology

  • Pharmacology An Introduction 6 th edition

    Auteur : Henry Hitner, Barbara Nagle  Edition :Career Education Pages:901 Format: pdf

    Pharmacology, 6 th edition by Hitner & Nagle is incredibly readable, with short chapters that link theory to practice; content that is focused on the need-to-know information to not overload the reader; excellent tables and features such as Patient Administration and Monitoring Boxes. This new book now has a 4-color design with all new photos and illustrations. Chapter reviews have been revisited to add additional problem types and an exercise progression from simple to complex. The full suite of instructor materials is available. Hitner 6e has Connect Plus, including LearnSmart Pharmacology, body system and pharmacology animations, Top 250 Prescribed Drugs, Dosage Calculations Exercises, and more.

    Download this book : Pharmacology An Introduction