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vous apprendrez les tâches et les sujets suivantes :
How to create and manage a profile page, including how to add
a profile picture
. How to connect with friends and make new ones
. How to communicate by messaging, chatting, and posting status
. How to track what your friends are doing and what they’re up to
on Facebook
. How to upload photos and videos to share with friends
. How to share your common interests and hobbies through
. How to add applications to get more out of your Facebook experience
. How to sell and buy stuff in the Marketplace
. How to use Facebook’s mobile features
. How to create pages for a professional business or organization
. How to keep yourself safe on Facebook
. How to conduct yourself on the site and follow Facebook’s
terms of service and unspoken etiquette rules
After completing these lessons, you’ll know everything you need to know
to get the most out of your time on Facebook.

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This book really delves into the business uses of Facebook; as far as using
Facebook goes, there’s only a brief overview of Facebook basics here. If
you need an introductory guide to get you warmed up, start with Sams
Teach Yourself Facebook in 10 Minutes. Create a personal Facebook page
and get some experience with making Facebook friends, so you know
what’s going on.
Introducing Facebook for Business
 Setting Up a Business-Friendly Profile Page
 Finding and Installing Apps
 Choosing Your Facebook Business Strategy
 Planning Your Fan Page
 Creating Your Fan Page
 Setting Up Your Business Fan Page
 Expanding and Promoting Your Fan Page
 Claiming Your Places Page
 Creating Facebook Deals
 Planning and Targeting Facebook Ads
 Pricing and Creating Your Ad Campaign
 Promoting Your Facebook Presence
 Tracking the Performance of Your Facebook Presence