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  • Structural Composite Materials

    Auteur : F.C. Campbell Editeur :ASM Intl  Pages :629 Language :English Format:Pdf

    This book deals with all aspects of advanced composite materials, what they are, where they are used, how they are made, their properties, how they are designed and analyzed, and how they perform in-service.


    Introduction to composite materials ,Fibers and reinforcements , Matrix resin systems , Fabrication tooling , Thermoset composite fabrication processes , Thermoplastic composite fabrication processes ,Processing science of polymer matrix composites ,Adhesive bonding , Sandwich and integral cocured structure , Discontinuous-fiber composites , Machining and assembly , Nondestructive inspection ,Mechanical property test methods ,Composite mechanical properties , Environmental degradation ,Structural analysis ,Structural joints - bolted and bonded ,Design and certification considerations ,Repair  Metal matrix composites ,Ceramic matrix composites , Appendix A : Metric conversion factors.
    Download this book: Structural Composite Materials

  • Practical Gear

    Auteur : Stephen P Radzevich  Editeur :CRC Press  Pages :873 Language :English Format:Pdf
    A unique,single source reference for all aspects of gears, Dudley’s Handbook of Practical Gear Design and Manufacture,Second Edition provides comprehensive and consistent information on the design and manufacture of gears for the expert and novice alike.The second edition of this industry standard boasts seven new chapters and appendices as well as a wealth of updates throughout.New chapters and expanded topics include: Gear Types and Nomenclature,Gear Tooth Design,Gear Reactions and Mountings,Gear Vibration,The Evolution of the Gear Art,Novikov Gearing and the Inadequacy of the Term,and thoroughly referenced Numerical Data Tables.

  • Designing the Mechanisms for Automated Machinery

    Auteur :  Ben Zion Sandler Editeur : Academic Press Pages :445 Language :English Format:Pdf

    Robotics, Second Edition is an essential addition to the toolbox of any engineer or hobbyist involved in the design of any type of robot or automated mechanical system. It is the only book available that takes the reader through a step-by step design process in this rapidly advancing specialty area of machine design.
    book provides the professional engineer and student with important and detailed methods and examples of how to design the mechanical parts of robots and automated systems. Most robotics and automation books today emphasis the electrical and control aspects of design without any practical coverage of how to design and build the components, the machine or the system. The author draws on his years of industrial design experience to show the reader the design process by focusing on the real, physical parts of robots and automated systems.
    * Answers the questions: How are machines built? How do they work? How does one best approach the design process for a specific machine?
    Download this ebook : Robotics 

  • book Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics

    Auteur : John M. Vance, Fouad Y. Zeidan, Brian Murphy

    Edition : Wiley Pages: 416  Format: pdf
    Whether it's a compressor on an offshore platform, a turbocharger in a truck or automobile, or a turbine in a jet airplane, rotating machinery is the driving force behind almost anything that produces or uses energy. Counted on daily to perform any number of vital societal tasks, turbomachinery uses high rotational speeds to produce amazing amounts of power efficiently. The key to increasing its longevity, efficiency, and reliability lies in the examination of rotor vibration and bearing dynamics, a field called rotordynamics.
    A valuable text book for beginners as well as a handy reference for experts, Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics is teeming with rich technical detail and real-world examples geared toward the study of machine vibration. A logical progression of information covers essential fundamentals, in-depth case studies, and the latest analytical tools used for predicting and preventing damage in rotating machinery. Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics:
    • Combines rotordynamics with the applications of machinery vibration in a single volume
    • Includes case studies of vibration problems in several different types of machines as well as computer simulation models used in industry
    • Contains fundamental physical phenomena, mathematical and computational aspects, practical hardware considerations, troubleshooting, and instrumentation and measurement techniques
    For students interested in entering this highly specialized field of study, as well as professionals seeking to expand their knowledge base, Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics will serve as the one book they will come to rely upon consistently.

    Download this book :Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics

  • ebook Practical Electric Motor Handbook

    Auteur : Irving Gottlieb Edition :Newnes Pages: 173  Format: pdf

    Experienced product designers are increasingly expected to be adept at incorporating a range of components into their designs. Students and experimenters too need to look beyond basic circuits and devices to achieve adequate design solutions. For those experienced in engineering design, this is the guide to electric motors.This book will allow engineers and designers to marry the technologies they know about with motor technology, and hence to incorporate motors into their products. Of the many good books on motors, such as Electric Motors and Drives by Hughes, none offer the engineering professional a tailored guide to motors taking into account their expertise. This book fills that gap.Irving Gottlieb is a leading author of many books for practising engineers, technicians and students of electronic and electrical engineering.Practical approach with minimum theory
    Covers a core area ignored by many electronics texts
    Shows how to incorporate motors into electronic products

    Download this book : Practical Electric Motor