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  • Infection Microbiology

    Auteur : Barbara Bannister,Stephen Gillespie, Jane Jones Editeur : Blackwell  Pages :553 Language :English Format:Pdf

    Download this book : Infection
  • Dental Emergencies

    Auteur : Mark Greenwood,Ian Corbett  Editeur :Wileyl  Pages :250  Langue :English Format:Pdf

    Download this ebook : Dental Emergencies

  • livres électroniques Sherris Medical Microbiology An introduction to infectious diseases

    Auteur : Kenneth Ryan , George Ray Editeur :McGraw Hill  Pages :797  Langue :English Format:Pdf
    Download this ebook: Sherris Medical Microbiology

  • Auteur :Stuart Hogg Editeur :Wiley Pages :481  Langue :English Format:Pdf
    Essential Microbiology is a comprehensive introductory text aimed at students taking a first course in the subject.  Covering all aspects of microbiology, it describes the structure and function of microbes before considering their place in the the living world.  The second half of the book focuses on applied aspects such as genetic engineering, industrial microbiology and the control of microorganisms.
    Adopting a modern approach and with extensive use of clear comprehensive diagrams, Essential Microbiology explains key topics through the use of definition boxes and end of chapter questions.
    Download this ebook: Essential Microbiolgy

  • Gray's Anatomy for Students

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Gray's Anatomy for Students is an anatomy text book inspired by the famous Gray's Anatomy and aimed primarily at medical students. The text has been praised for its innovative illustration style, which emphasizes clarity and a conceptual approach to learning.
    Gray's Anatomy was used as the major reference, both for the text and the illustrations
    Download this English book : Gray's Anatomy for Students
    Télécharger ce livre électronique: Gray's Anatomie pour les étudiants