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  • العنوان تاريخ الجزائر في القديم والحديث المؤلف: الشيخ مبارك بن محمد الميلي
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  • The History of China  Understanding China

    Auteur : Kenneth Pletcher  Edition : Rosen Education Service Pages:362 Format: pdf Language:English

    On October 2, 2009, the People's Republic of China celebrated its 60th anniversary with a stunning display of weapons, rumbling tanks, and smartly dressed soldiers under a blue sky in the capital city of Beijing. It was an impressive show of military might that displayed China's rising power in the modern world. From a nation devastated by civil war and the ravages of World War II, China has become the world's third-largest economy and a major player on the world stage. But the ability to renew itself is far from new for China. Despite upheavals that have shattered the China is unique among nations: its many cultural and economic accomplishments stretch across a continuous period, from its earliest recorded history, more than 4,000 years ago, to today. This book will reveal much about this exceptional nation and its long, varied history, which reaches back to one of the earliest periods in world civilzation.

    Download this ebook : The History of China

    Auteur: Jonathan FENBY Edition : MacAdam pages:494 Format :pdf   language :English

    The history of the Second World War is usually told through its decisive battles and campaigns. But behind the front lines, behind even the command centers of Allied generals and military planners, a different level of strategic thinking was going on. Throughout the war the 'Big Three' - Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin - met in various permutations and locations to thrash out ways to defeat Nazi Germany and, just as importantly, to decide the way Europe would look after the war. This was the political rather than military struggle: a battle of wills and diplomacy between three men with vastly differing backgrounds, characters  and agendas.

  • The First World War

    Auteur: Mike Tooley Eition Newnes pages:441 Format :pdf  language :English

    Download this e-book :The First World War